Built-in cabinets are both practical and appealing to the eye. They are a great way to spruce up your room while adding storage, room for decoration, and a place for technology.

The Benefits of Built-Ins

The absolute best part of built-ins is how customizable they are. They allow for closed or open storage which is ideal for those with different needs.

They also come in many different sizes, colors, and shapes. This means no more wasted space when the stock cabinets don’t fit perfectly. It also means that you don’t have to worry about the appliances you choose because the cabinets will be designed to fit perfectly around them.

To help you imagine a built-in cabinet system in your home, we have compiled pictures of many different beautifully designed examples to spark your inspiration.

Multi-Purpose Design

The built-in entertainment centers pictured below are great because they have room for storage in the closed spaces, but also room for decoration in the open cubes. You can hide away your cords but also display your family pictures.

Arabella Loop
Entertainment Centers & Built-in Niches

Storage King

There are also options where there is little or no open space. This is great for rooms where you need a lot of storage like a bedroom. In the first example, they picked a cabinet material where you can barely even tell there is storage behind the TV.

Fitzrovia Apartment - Living Area
Sellwood Library House

All About The Decor

If you’re on the opposite spectrum and have something that you would love to show off, you can design your built-in entertainment center with open cubbies. This leaves lots of room for personalization. Whether you’re a book lover, gamer, or just have knick-knacks that you want on display. This is the way to go!

living room
Homes Portfolio

Build Around Appliances

Custom cabinets are better than stock cabinetry because they fit around the appliances without any gaps or wasted space. The first design has a built-in storage unit around their washer and dryer in the laundry room. It hides away the private things that you would not want guests to see. The second is a kitchen with an irregular sized oven. If the cabinets were not custom made, they would look out of place.

Custom Cabinetry Designs
Mendota Heights Mid-Century Modern Living Space

Dream Closet

If you are a shopaholic (or just tend to have a lot of clothes), then you could have a built-in system in your closet. It makes every piece of your wardrobe look presentable and easy to find. No more searching through one huge row of hangers to find your shirt in the morning.

Broadmoor Residence
Jill Greaves Design Walk in Closet with Custom Walnut Millwork

Dining In Style

Surprisingly, dining rooms are even good places for built-in storage cabinets. You can display your nice china or other decorations to the guests eating in that room. It is especially fun during holiday seasons when you can make the room festive while entertaining.

Traditional Custom Home
Elegant Traditional Dining Room with Custom China Cabinets

Double Trouble

Another thing that is not often considered is having more than one built-in in a room. For example, this basement has 2 built-ins. One in the living room and one in the bar area. It ties the whole room together and gives so much extra space for storage.

Fairytale Tudor

As shown, there are many different types of built-in cabinets or entertainment centers that can be placed throughout your entire house. These cabinets may seem like an investment at first, but the extra storage space and millions of compliments are worth the price.


If you want a cabinet system but aren’t sure how to design one, contact your local custom cabinet maker. Christian Brothers Cabinetry, serving the Twin Cities area, would be happy to help!