We’re artisans by nature.

It takes more than beautiful raw materials to make beautiful cabinets. It takes particular skills. Sophisticated equipment. And the level of craftsmanship that comes with doing things ‘the right way’ for over 45 years. We're not just a custom cabinet maker, we're artisans who want to give our customers exactly what they desire.

We pay attention to all the details when building our custom cabinetry creations.

Cabinet construction

  • Hardwoods are hand-selected for straightness and grain

Drawer construction

  • Solid hardwood is used for the entire drawer.
  • Dovetail joints: this time-honored construction technique creates a joint that will last a lifetime.
  • Superior track system with steel ball bearings produce a smooth glide even when heavily weighted.
  • Soft-close mechanism uses an air-damper technology to close fully yet quietly every time.


The quality of a finish depends on the depth and evenness of application. We hand-spray or hand-apply our finishes in a multi-step process that ensures long-lasting beauty and performance.


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