Your mudroom is the unsung hero of your home. It is a high traffic area that catches all the mess. Whether you are looking to remodel or build a complete new mudroom, there are some things you can add to increase the functionality of the room. 


A tile floor is a must to control the mess that comes with a mudroom. 

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Place for pets

A mudroom is a great place for a bed or crate for your pets. They get to still monitor the door while keeping their fur in a room that is meant to get messy. You can keep all of their accessories here too like leashes, brushes, treats, clothes, toys. If you really want to get fancy, you can add a little bathing station too.

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Hooks & Racks

Your mudroom needs to be able to hold a lot of jackets and bags. Have at least one hook per family member and maybe a couple extra for guests.

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Place for sports equipment

Chances are your kids come home from sports with equipment and jerseys need to be washed.



A sink is great to have in your mudroom to keep things clean. This is also a must-have for gardeners.

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You need to have a place to sit in your mudroom!

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The mudroom is the best place to store your washer and dryer.

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Keep track of time with a wall clock in your mudroom. It is also a great thing to look at when you walk in from a long day. Oh, how time flies!


 Organization station

Make the mudroom a central hub to keep your family going with a calendar, message board, and a place to sort mail. This is a must have for busy families.

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The mudroom needs to store your jackets, hoodies, shoes, laundry items and accessories. You can get really creative and have separate cubbies or lockers for each family member. Closets and cabinets will do wonders for your storage while adding some tidiness to the room.



Have one last look at yourself before you fly out of the door.


You will need something to catch moisture and debris as your walk in. Buy a rug that is meant to get dirty and is easy to clean.

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Vacuum Cleaner

Have a small closet or space to keep a vacuum for easy clean up.

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